Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shopwatchbuy Video

ShopWatchBuy.com is a video enabled e-commerce marketplace for independent sellers. 
ShopWatchBuy provides sellers, such as Local Merchants and Affiliate Marketers, a platform for selling products and services online using the fun and excitement of internet video.It is a brand new way to Sell and Shop online. if you have a product, service or business you want to promote using online video, then ShopWatchBuy is the place for you.

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Make Money On Ebay

Is it possible to make money on Ebay? Yes, of course it is, and you don't need any guide or aid to show you how to do it. Ebay is like any other venue where one would start selling goods, nothing more nothing less. Ebay is like setting up a shop in your area, or opening a shop in your local town centre, you buy the goods at a cheaper/wholesale price and you sell for profits. There are 2 reasons why Ebay is so attractive, number 1 is because your start up costs are very low and number 2 is because your customer base is the whole world. I always use this example, think about your local grocery shop, who is the customer base for this shop? people that live near by and possibly if it specializes in something then people from other close towns, you wont have someone from the other side of the world catch a flight to come and shop at this grocery shop, this is what makes Ebay so successful, I have sold to people in Israel, Malta, France, Germany, India and the list goes on, I don't think I would have been able to sell to these people if I was selling through a shop in my local town centre, do you follow?

Online Video May Be the Silver Lining for 2009 Marketing Budgets

Advertisers are planning to move their marketing dollars into the online video space next year. At least that's what eMarketer and a survey from online video platform provider PermissionTV predict.

Video ad spending will rise 45% in 2009 to reach $850 million, according to eMarketer. The company attributes the growth to more professional video content online and advertisers persistent need to reach new audiences: "They still need to reach online audiences and woo their shrinking wallets with messages that reach their hearts and minds—hence, more video."
Meanwhile, Permission TV interviewed about 400 senior level marketing and media executives for the survey it released today, and found over two thirds of respondents — 67 percent — are planning to make online video the primary focus of their 2009 digital marketing campaigns. That's compared to 41 percent who plan to focus on social media campaigns, 34 percent on search and 32 percent on podcasts or webcasts.

"Television advertising has been one of the most successful sectors from a dollar standpoint," says Matt Kaplan, Chief Strategy Officer of PermissionTV. "But we all know its not really a measurable medium. The ability to combine the storytelling power of video with the personalization of the web is what we believe is the ultimate opportunity for marketers."

These numbers, of course, in contrast with dour predictions for marketers in 2009. Bernstein Research forecasts that total television advertising will fall 1.9 percent this year, and another 5 percent next year, to $65 billion for 2009. And online video may not be immune to ad budget shrinkage.

A new way to sell and shop online - Use video to sell stuff online.